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Howlers at 8:00

If you live in Colorado, it’s likely you’ve heard what sounds like a massive wolf pack howling like crazy every night at 8:00. At first, we were perplexed. What in the world was going on? Then I read something that said people in Colorado… Continue Reading “Howlers at 8:00”

Miles and Walls Are Not All Created Equal

For the last seven years we’ve hiked at least one Colorado 14er. When I began planning for our 2018 hike, I was looking for an “easy” one. We have a big trip coming up and I didn’t want to risk any injuries. I decided… Continue Reading “Miles and Walls Are Not All Created Equal”

Castle Rock Zip Line Tours

A few months ago I wrote a review of our fun time at the Epic Sky Trek in Castle Rock, Colorado. We were invited to come back to try the zip line tour as their guests. It was a generous offer we couldn’t refuse.… Continue Reading “Castle Rock Zip Line Tours”

A Stealthy Adrenaline Rush

It was a quiet, clear Sunday morning. We were up early and enjoying our coffee when a very strange sound broke the silence. We looked at each other. What in the world was that? A few seconds later we heard it again, a loud… Continue Reading “A Stealthy Adrenaline Rush”

Boy Scouts from a Mom’s Perspective

Both of our sons are Eagle Scouts and I was recently asked to write a post for the national Boy Scout blog, The Voice of Scouting. It was quite an honor, and you can read it here: https://voiceofscouting.org/one-moms-perspective-on-scouting Boy Scouts enriched our family in… Continue Reading “Boy Scouts from a Mom’s Perspective”

Zorbing: Unleash Your Inner Hamster

When I was six, I had a hamster named Whiskers. She would rip around the house in her hamster ball and I always felt jealous of the fun she was having. Little did I know that human hamster balls, called zorbs, would be invented… Continue Reading “Zorbing: Unleash Your Inner Hamster”

Epic Sky Trek is, Well, Epic

Always looking for new things to do, I peruse Groupon weekly. Sometimes the adventures I find are a hit and sometimes a miss, but Epic Sky Trek in Castle Rock, Colorado was a bullseye! It is a massive four level (ground floor plus three… Continue Reading “Epic Sky Trek is, Well, Epic”

It’s Not All Fun(icular) and Games on the Incline, But…

If you look to the west in Manitou Springs, Colorado you will see a long gash in the side of the mountain, running from its base to its summit. It’s a perfectly straight scar, bisecting the forest into north and south sections, and if… Continue Reading “It’s Not All Fun(icular) and Games on the Incline, But…”

Traveling the Iron Road

What do World War I, the Dolomites in Italy, and Telluride, Colorado have in common? The iron road aka via ferrata. I didn’t know what a via ferrata was and had never even heard the term before our German exchange student introduced it to… Continue Reading “Traveling the Iron Road”

To Hike 14ers, or Not to Hike 14ers: That is the Question

  I was in trouble. Why had I thought I could do this? I could hardly keep my eyes open and the urge to lie down and go to sleep was almost unbearable. I couldn’t breathe. Ten steps, rest. Then five steps, rest. Counting… Continue Reading “To Hike 14ers, or Not to Hike 14ers: That is the Question”