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Snorkeling in the Last Frontier

When one of my best friends asked if we’d like to join her family on an Alaskan cruise, I was very excited. They love cruising and we love them, so of course we said yes. Alaska had been on our “To Do” list for… Continue Reading “Snorkeling in the Last Frontier”

Straight Dorsal Fins are a Really Beautiful Thing

When I was planning our time in Friday Harbor, Washington, I had no idea that it would turn out to be one of the very best days in all our lives, because there was actually a whole lot that could have gone wrong. We… Continue Reading “Straight Dorsal Fins are a Really Beautiful Thing”

It’s Not All Fun(icular) and Games on the Incline, But…

If you look to the west in Manitou Springs, Colorado you will see a long gash in the side of the mountain, running from its base to its summit. It’s a perfectly straight scar, bisecting the forest into north and south sections, and if… Continue Reading “It’s Not All Fun(icular) and Games on the Incline, But…”

Traveling the Iron Road

What do World War I, the Dolomites in Italy, and Telluride, Colorado have in common? The iron road aka via ferrata. I didn’t know what a via ferrata was and had never even heard the term before our German exchange student introduced it to… Continue Reading “Traveling the Iron Road”

To Hike 14ers, or Not to Hike 14ers: That is the Question

  I was in trouble. Why had I thought I could do this? I could hardly keep my eyes open and the urge to lie down and go to sleep was almost unbearable. I couldn’t breathe. Ten steps, rest. Then five steps, rest. Counting… Continue Reading “To Hike 14ers, or Not to Hike 14ers: That is the Question”

Questival, For the Young and Young at Heart

  When my BFF called and asked if we’d like to register as a team with them for Questival, I said sure! I had never heard of it and when I watched the promotional video it looked very intriguing.  As I read more, I… Continue Reading “Questival, For the Young and Young at Heart”

First blog post

My name is Julie Whitney and I live in northern Colorado with my husband and two sons. We moved here in 2004 from Southern California, looking for adventure and a different way of life. The boys were 8 and 5 then, and I was… Continue Reading “First blog post”