Staying Sane in an Insane Situation

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well. It’s like we’re living in an unbelievable science fiction movie. I’ve been MIA lately, but wanted to check in to say hello. So many people are having a really difficult time and I wanted to share a couple of things that we’re doing that are making this quarantine business much more enjoyable. Before that though, I want to share that we were in Ireland for a couple of weeks recently and were able to stay ahead of The ‘Rona for the most part, except Saint Patrick’s Day was COMPLETELY canceled! Here’s a photo from our hotel room in Galway and this is pretty much how it looked all day.

I’ll do another post about Ireland at another time because it was one of our most favorite trips ever and we could totally see ourselves living there, but back to our present sitch. This weekend we had our first socially distant party and it was a blast! We used Zoom and played a game called Fibbage (it’s an app we have on FireTV). We used a laptop camera to show the TV screen and everyone logs onto a website on their phone and uses their phone to enter their answers. It was so fun and it was the most we’ve laughed since this has begun. There are lots of game apps and we are going to try a new one each week. We originally scheduled the party for an hour not knowing how it would go and it lasted three.

Another thing I found that is right up my alley, is a challenge started in The Netherlands and picked up by the Getty Museum. You select a piece of art and recreate it using items you already have at home. Go to Instagram @tussenkunstenquarantaine to see some incredible submissions. Technically you’re only supposed to use 3 items for your masterpiece, so I didn’t follow the rules, but my goal was to get my recreation as close as possible. I think I nailed it. Haha I’d love to see any of your creations, so feel free to tag me @empty_nest_adventures Until next time, stay safe and sane!

13 Comments on “Staying Sane in an Insane Situation

  1. How awesome you went to Ireland but what a bummer St. Pats day was cancelled! You’ll have to return sometime. That socially distant game with Zoom sounds awesome, great idea!

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  2. Now I understand your Frida post! A few people on Instagram were saying they had virtual parties. Everyone’s so creative! I’m glad you’re doing well, Julie!

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