Spring Blog Party

It’s a cold, snowy day in Colorado and I think the perfect way to bring some sunshine into the day is to host my first Blog Party! I’ve met so many interesting, funny, talented bloggers through Blog Parties, and I love the idea of helping others connect.

If you’re interested in sharing and promoting your work, finding other like-minded people, and hopefully making genuine connections, please participate!


  1. In the comments, describe your blog and link to your homepage.
  2. Check out the other bloggers, and interact.
  3. Come back often to meet newcomers.
  4. Have fun!!

I hope you make lots of new friends! Happy Blogging!


60 Comments on “Spring Blog Party

  1. Hey there!
My blog ‘Beyond The Bounds’ is a blend of thoughts, study and motivation.
I would be extremely glad if you could visit my blog and like, comment and follow the blog…Also, feel free to give me feedbacks…
The link to the blog is:
I am really excited to visit your blogs as well!

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  2. Thankyou so much for this party!! ❤❤

    Well, hello everyone! My name is Anushka and my blog is all about Fashion, Beauty, Makeup and Lifestyle. I update it twice a week and I would love to connect with you all and support as well!💜 You can check my blog at https://voguenvibess.wordpress.com

    Lets become BLOGGER PALS, shall we?💜

    Gonna follow back everyone!

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  3. Hey girls! My name is Nicole Cavey and I am the Founder at Love What’s Next! I teach women in transitional stages in life how to love what’s next and find joy there. My blog is about my challenging, empowering, sometimes heartbreaking and unbelievably inspiring, four year journey that I “traveled” when I was left with an empty nest and how I discovered how to love what’s next!

    Thank you Julie for hosting this “party”! What a great idea. I look forward to reading your blogs and getting to know all the amazing “guests” here!


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  4. Well good afternoon from Queensland Australia. I have just come home from going to church in a place called Toowoomba. It is 45 minutes from where I live. I haven’t been to a party like this before but when I take off my sunglasses, get over the shock of seeing a police van monitoring my speed through a small town , Had a sleep because I am a Nana, I entertained some visitors, I shall come back to the party. Half the time, I don’t even know what I’m doing. But at 73. I am alive and kicking . Now to see if this goes up on somewhere. Keep up the party for me.

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  5. Hi Julie and all your party goers! I’m awake now but getting ready for bed again.
    My Blog. My name is Barbara McKay. I have been a widow for four years after 41 years of a good marriage. My husband and I retired in 2009 on to a 40 acre farm in the Lockyer Valley Queensland where we enjoyed sunny days because of our weather patterns, no frosts or snow, and we had 20 sheep, four head of cattle, Lester the bull, three Maltese Terriers and over 300 fruit trees.
    When my husband died in 2014, I started my blog because I felt my life was in a shambles, and as I wrote, it was therapeutic because I had to ask the question “Am I moving forwards? Am I coping with grief and loss in a healthy way? Can I live again without the love of my life? What are the passions in my life?
    I blog at Sunshinesheepandshambles@wordpress.com.

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    • Hi folks,
      thanks for your comments. I haven’t fallen off the radar. I’m still alive. I’m still in the pink. I still have a pulse, although my lungs are congested showing me that the ageing process and the deterioration of this 73 year old body continues.
      But I’m okay and looking forward to a camping weekend with a nice bloke who is a widow and a nice lady who is a widower…probably both over 70 like me. So I’m not sure if I am a chaperone, or what? I don’t know them very well.
      It is freezing cold here in Queensland where I live 2 degrees C. yesterday, so I’m learning about laying. I notice a lady who does a blog about the Op shops, so when I have time I will read that. In fact, she should come to Australia and I’ll take her shopping to all the op shops. She would love it. She might even get some style into this old girl yet!
      Well, I”m in a public library because my laptop computer nearly died and it is now in Brisbane being resurrected. So this is an interesting exercise.
      All this stuff you still have to learn in life. But Julie, I’m okay.
      Barbara McKay.

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  6. Well it’s certainly not snowy in London – in fact the sun sometimes peeks out from behind the clouds for a few seconds! – but it’s far too cold for a spring day nevertheless… so I’m coming to your party somewhat incongruously wrapped in a woolly jumper and with a steaming cup of tea in my hand. And very pleased to make the acquaintance of you all! 🙂

    Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books is a blog on books, mostly rescued from the bath tub (I read everywhere and anywhere and the tub is no exception – if you’ve soaked a book, do refer to my Wet Book Rescue page!). I read all sorts of stuff but mostly blog about literary fiction, poetry, classics, art, history and travel because space opera seldom inspires me with worthwhile thoughts to type up…

    Ah now that I warmed up, maybe I’ll divest myself of this shapeless jumper and accept this lovely glass of Bellini…

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    • I like your writing! You appear to be a real writer. I’m a pretend one, not being a reader of great books, and just passing English at Year 10 level. I’ve just been accepted into a writer’s course, so here begins the art of writing! (before I kick the bucket!)
      Barb McKay

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      • Well, for my part, before I kick the bucket I’m trying to learn Italian… It’s never too late! You know the story about Socrates and the flute? 🙂

        Apart from that, I’m not even pretending to be a writer – I just enjoy books! (And cant’ seem to be able to shut up about them.)


  7. Hi! I’m Cathy! My husband, Roy, and I started blogging about our hiking adventures. A great way to document and remember what hikes we have been on and for memories. If we inspire anyone to get out and explore the area they live, that is just a bonus!


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  8. Hi Julie & to all awesome bloggers! I am Arlene from Philippines. I blog about all my travel, beach, food & everything that comes in my mind.. I am married no kids but mother of my two four legged human dog 🙂
    Shout out to Julie for leading me here in WordPress. SALAMAT🇵🇭

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  9. Thanks for hosting this, a great idea.
    My name is Máiréad, I’m new to blogging. I live in Dingle, in the South West of Ireland.
    I’m married to Brian and we have three lovely sons. My blog consists of fun stories on travel, life, adventures & experiences …..
    I look forward to finding new blogs to follow.
    My blog BdeStaic.com

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  10. Wow Julie. What a great idea! My blog, ColordoTravelingDucks.com is about travel, here in the Denver area and all over the world. Usually from the perspective of three rubber ducks and three generations of humans. Just encourage everyone to explore our fantastic word and be a tourist in your own home town. I just returned from a week in India, so will posting about that in week or so. Plan to read some from all of these blogs. Such a great opportunity to find new information and have fun reading your posts. Thanks Julie

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    • I love the “be a tourist in your own home town!” My husband and I “live vacation”… we live in North Idaho (Coeur d’ Alene area) and it is a vacation destination… once we started looking at it as “We live vacation” – the adventure has become a lot more fun!

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      • My son just graduated from Gonzaga and we spent a ton of time over the past 3.5 years in your area! Coeur d’ Alene is so beautiful! We will miss going there so often!

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  11. Hi thanks for the like and this opportunity. I am author of two sites, my first is https://emotionalnotions.wordpress.com/ and the second is https://reconnectedmind.wordpress.com They are both whimsical, philosophical poems & inspiration. I deal with a lot of emotional pondering, silliness, hurt, joy gratitude and some deep in-between the lines poetry. Faith and self-purpose is also contemplated. Aren’t we all wondering at one point in life? Turn your emotions on-or off….

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  12. Hey, my blog is about anything really. I take suggestion on blogs and I answer questions when you ask. I’ve been on this app since March. I will be doing a Q&A when I hit 100 followers, for that Q&A I’ll be answering your questions. But my blog is a warm and welcoming blog where anyone can comment without being judge whatsoever.


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