Iceland in Poems, Part Two

Waterfall #2: Skogafoss 

The path to Skogafoss was dry as a bone

With a staircase that went to the top

We climbed all 370 steps

And the view almost made our hearts stop


The day was so clear, the sun shone off the sea

And gratitude filled our hearts

We took it all in, then headed back down

Glacier hiking was going to start

Up we go
At the top
There’s a nice viewing platform at the top
View from Skogafoss
370 steps down

Glacier Hike: Sólheimajökull

Outfitted with crampons, ice axes

Glacier trekking requires some cunning

Ice caves, crevasses, sheer drop-offs

A landscape so harsh, yet so stunning


You could easily get into trouble there

You’d better know what you’re doing

Or hire a knowledgeable guide like we did

For spectacular, safe glacier viewing

Sólheimajökull Glacier
Ice tunnels and caves were everywhere
There are layers of volcanic debris all over the glacier. The black layer above the tunnel is from a very LONG time ago.
We came across a couple groups of ice climbers




We saw sunrise on the volcano and sunset on the glacier

Black Sand Beach of Vik

We had never seen black sand before

It’s quite an incredible sight

We watched the waves crash on the shore

Strolled the beach as dark as night


Feeling quite in love and like young kids

Scratching our initials in the sand

We stood hand in hand at the Arctic rim

Savoring the beauty of Iceland

B loves J

The Sperm Whale

“Go check out that rock”, Stefán grinned as he said

It wasn’t a rock, but a whale that was dead

Its stench gagged and choked

Stefán laughed at his joke

While on it bacteria fed


That was quite an ending to our day

Captain Ahab would have been glad

I know nature is harsh and it’s a natural thing

But I found it a little bit sad


It was a day we’ll remember for all of our lives

We have Stefán to thank for it all

If you ever find yourself in Iceland

You might want to give him a call


(Or send him an email 🙂 stebbiemmu@gmail)


Up next: I come face to face with The Cassock (You may want to skip this post if you’re easily offended.)

22 Comments on “Iceland in Poems, Part Two

  1. Can I just say that I REALLY love the concept of your blog! The photography is incredible and the poetry just compliments them so beautifully! You’ve really found a truly unique format here – keep it up! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is lovely, Skogafoss and the black sand beach at Vik were two of my favourite places when we visited Iceland a few years ago. We’re actually planning another trip to Iceland soon. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aren’t they incredible? That’s great that you’re going back! I feel like it’s the kind of place that you can visit many times and it would never get old. Have fun! Can’t wait to see your photos.

      Liked by 2 people

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