Iceland in Poems, Part One

Stefán and his beast

Stefán and the Land Rover

In Reykjavík there lives a man

Who shows visitors all that he can

His Land Rover’s a beast

With no cares in the least

About snow or ice or black sand


The Land Rover held three

Brett, Stefán and me

The things we saw did amaze

Volcano, glacier and waterfalls

We’ll remember for all of our days

The Volcano: Eyjafjallajökull

Where havoc was wreaked in 2010

We climbed to the top, gingerly peaked in

The crater that spewed not lava but ash

As the sun slowly rose, not one bit abashed

That it was so late, and we were alone

On Eyjafjallajökull’s summit while the winter sun shone

Here comes the sun
View of the north Atlantic from the summit of Eyjafjallajökull
We had the whole volcano to ourselves

Waterfall #1: Seljalandsfoss

A thick slab of ice was all we could see

The pathway was treacherous, no crampons had we

The roar of the deluge, frigid water pounding down

We would not be going the whole way around

Those who braved going behind Seljalandsfoss’ curtain

Meant coming out drenched, of that it was certain

So we slipped and slid as far as we dared

While Stefán watched on to see how we fared

We took lots of pictures, then slid our way back

To the warmth of the “beast” and a good Kraftur snack

We were just getting started, there was still lots to do

Which I’ll relate next time in Poems, Part Two

The path goes behind Seljalandsfoss, but it’s better to do in summer 🙂
As close as we dared
Yes! Snack time

Next Up: Waterfall #2, Glacier Hiking, and Black Sand Beach of Vik





22 Comments on “Iceland in Poems, Part One

  1. Those poems were a lot of fun but I really loved hearing your husband’s laught as you two were making your way through the ice 😂 You two have a great energy!

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  2. Love it. Empty nester here as well. Only just beginning to really take advantage of the extra time, but we are really having some fun exploring and seeing new things.

    Photos for this post are beautiful. Very nicely done.

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  3. loved the pics… I am about to visit Iceland very soon. In fact, I got bookings with one of the leading travel agencies. Their tour packages are awesome to know more go to @


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