Indoor Skydiving: One of the Most Fun Things You’ll Do All Year

The days are getting shorter and the mercury is falling. If you’re not a fan of outdoor winter activities (or even if you are!) and are looking for a fun, exciting thing to do on a cold day, indoor skydiving might be just the ticket. I had been wanting to try it, and when Groupon offered a deal for iFLY, I jumped on it and bought four, hoping my family would be on board with the idea. Luckily they were.

After watching an instructional video and getting suited up and ear plugged, we headed over to the wind tunnel. We learned how to enter the tunnel and the correct body position for staying “afloat”. The instructor stays with you in case you lose altitude, go too high, or are going to bump into the glass.

The wind is approximately 120 mph (195 kph) and interestingly, is generated from above the chamber, not below. When you are standing at the door to enter, you just tilt forward and up you go. It is very loud, and with the ear plugs you can’t hear a thing, so you communicate with hand signals that you learn in the briefing beforehand.

I found this very interesting!

You have the option to purchase a High Flight, which in my opinion, is a must. Our Groupon deal didn’t include this, so we had to upgrade, but it was so worth it! With the High Flight, the instructor takes you up into the tunnel a few times, going much higher than the regular flight and it is quite thrilling! See video below.

One word of caution…all of my guys experienced some discomfort in their manhood. Being buffeted with 120 mph winds, this isn’t a surprise although it wasn’t something they had anticipated.

A great thing about this activity is that almost everyone can participate, making it ideal for families with children as young as three. iFly has locations all over the US, and even some in the UK, France, Brazil and Australia._791346 - Copy

Forewarning: Once you get a taste of flying, you just might start itching for the real thing…

Up next: The real thing

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