Epic Sky Trek is, Well, Epic

Always looking for new things to do, I peruse Groupon weekly. Sometimes the adventures I find are a hit and sometimes a miss, but Epic Sky Trek in Castle Rock, Colorado was a bullseye!

It is a massive four level (ground floor plus three levels) aerial trekking beast. There are over 110 challenges and the difficulty goes up the higher you go. A color coded system lets you know exactly what the difficulty of a challenge is before attempting it.


Harnessed in with two lanyards, safety is paramount. The lanyards don’t just have carabiners. They have special hooks that can only be disengaged one at a time, so it is impossible for you to be completely unhooked from the safety cables at any point.

We did this as a family and the beauty of Epic Sky Trek is that each person can tailor the experience to fit their desires. Holden’s goal was to complete every one of the 110+ obstacles. My goal was to avoid obstacles that required tremendous upper body strength. Some especially fun ones we all did together, and sometimes we each did our own thing.

Brett isn’t super excited about heights, but once he overcame the mental block and began trusting the equipment he had a blast too. And that is what makes Sky Trek so cool. No matter how confident you are, there will be an obstacle that will challenge you, making success all the sweeter. Plan on spending four hours if you want to be pretty thorough.

If you’re looking for a fun, challenging new experience, Epic Sky Trek is just what you need.


Up next: Zorbing

Happy Trails!


3 Comments on “Epic Sky Trek is, Well, Epic

  1. Wow! This looks like it would be a blast! I’m not sure I could manage it as I just completed the beginner course at aeriel trek in Florida. 10 year olds were flying past me! 😄


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